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The Composting Council Research & Education Foundation is pleased to announce the winner of the International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) Poster Contest.

Out of over 200 entrees from all over the world and all ages, Ursula Gutowski's design was chosen. Ursula is a graphic designer from Niles, IL. Using this year's theme of Compost! Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Ursula's design will be turned into a poster and sent across the country to help promote ICAW held May 7 - 13 this year.

Ursula explains her ideas behind her design and why she entered the contest, “I chose to enter the International Compost Awareness Week poster contest this year as the "Compost! Healthy Soil, Healthy Food" topic is extremely important to me. There are so many people today that are pushing for an increase in healthy food and nutrition, but miss the link in the soils that these foods are grown in. Food waste compost not only provides an amazing soil that is full of nutrients for growing food, but it also completes the circle of sustainability. My poster design helps demonstrate this by showing the composting process in its entirety.”

The winning design

The International Compost Awareness Week Committee invites YOU to get involved in ICAW 2018 16th Annual Poster Contest. More information coming soon!

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International Compost Awareness Week
 is an annual multi-media publicity and education campaign that showcases composting and compost products, from backyards to large-scale composting facilities.

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