Webinar - Introduction to Compost Odor Management: Process and Public Relations 
Original Broadcast: March 2, 2022


What You’ll Learn

During the webinar, a root cause approach to managing composting odors through better understanding and control of process conditions will be introduced. This talk will identify a set of easily measured key process variables that largely determine the intensity of odor emissions from composting facilities. Also covered will be how odor is measured to reduce subjectivity and basic odor mitigation steps to consider in process design and during operations.

Then the focus will shift to speaking about community and neighbor interactions around odor. Community and neighborhood opposition to any manufacturing operation generally centers around traffic, noise and odor issues. For composting operations, odor is the single greatest issue that closes compost facilities. Surrounding physical characteristics and neighboring land uses are critical factors to be considered when selecting a compost site. Once the site is selected, establishing a trusting governmental entity and relationship with the neighbors can reduce negative interactions with neighbors and save a considerable amount of staff time.

Webinar Speakers

Tim O'Neill is president and founder of Engineered Compost Systems and a USCC Certified Compost Facility Operator. He received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington back in the 1980’s and has worked as an engineer, researcher and entrepreneur in the composting industry since 1992.  During that time he has had the privilege to work with numerous knowledgeable professionals on many technical and practical aspects of large-scale composting.  His professional passion is combining science-based inquiry and operator experience to help large-scale composters find commercial and operational success.

Ginny Black is the CREF Trustee Chair and also the President of Black Gold Recycling, LLC. Ginny has been a Trustees since 2010. She also serves on Minnesota Composting Council (MNCC) Board of Directors. Ginny retired from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) where she worked as a technical staff person assisting in setting up recycling and composting programs throughout the state.




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