Compost Use Applications - A Return on Investment (ROI)

In 2020 during the COMPOST2020 conference, many people and organizations donated generously to fund this new research project. The goal of this project was to research current literature and studies documenting ROI and then create specification use factsheets (spec sheets) that provide specific instructions for use and explain the ROI for very specific applications, completing the recycling loop: collection, processing, using the final product. While organic diversion has increased, market demand for compost has not kept pace. Many compost facilities have growing stockpiles. One reason for this is that it has been difficult to educate the market on the economic benefits of applying compost. These 10 factsheets have been created to help with that education process.

For each chosen application a spec sheet has been created which includes:

▪ outlining general marketing and outlining a process for researching and assembling the spec sheet information as a model for expanding the library

The CREF contracted with Ron Alexander of Ron Alexander Associates, Inc. to do this project.. Ron Alexander has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of compost, biosolids-based and other organic recycled product manufacturing, marketing and utilization. He possesses extensive practical experience, having marketed compost from seven composting facilities, as well as managing a marketing staff and company that specialized in this function. Mr. Alexander has also completed over 500 organic recycled product manufacturing, marketing, utilization and quality evaluation/assurance related consulting projects throughout North America (and the world).