"The Compost Story" - A short video production by creators of The Soil Story, Kiss The Ground.

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As part of International Compost Awareness Week the Compost Council’s Research and Education Foundation (CCREF) is working with Kiss the Ground (a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit), USCC, CA ASP, Kellogg Garden Products, and UCCE to produce a three-minute video, “The Compost Story”. The video will tell the critical story of how compost cleans our water, grows our food and sequesters carbon in soils to combat climate change.

There is a growing need for awareness of how our planet works and the positive role that humans can play in our natural systems. Depending on where you live anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of what is disposed of in a landfill is organics waste from households and commercial sources. If you include the industrial generators of food scraps, untreated animal manures and boisolids that figure can be even higher.

The Compost Story will build on a previous film “The Soil Story” which shared the role that building healthy soil plays in balancing our carbon cycle by pulling excess CO2 back into the ground. The Compost Story will show:

● How compost can be a tool for carbon sequestration to fight climate change;

● The new science around the ability of compost to jumpstart the rebuilding degraded soils;

● How much greenhouse gas (methane) can be reduced by composting organic materials instead of putting them into the landfill; and

● How compost creates healthy soils requiring much less water and fertilizer.
And much more


THE COMPOST STORY will have three celebrity narrators, along with animation in the style of Steve Cutts, take us on the journey through the new story of compost. The piece is divided into three sections (1 minute per) with separate narrators for each. First, it’s the history and the “awe inspiring” super powers of compost. Second, it’s the insanity of how we are currently wasting all that potential compost and how that waste is hurting us. Last, we imagine the world with all our organic material being repurposed to give us fertility, healthy food, and even a balanced climate.

We need your help in creating and spreading this story. It is the hope of the CCREF and its partners that “The Compost Story” will inspire participation of composting in urban and farming communities alike, motivating people from all backgrounds to learn how simple and rewarding composting can be. People can take part in the restoring their yards, gardens, farms, and ranches by using compost and in the process fight drought and climate change. The website and additional assets will allow individuals, cities and businesses to connect and become involved in local composting efforts.

We have too much “waste”, and we need more composting! As local governments and business across the nation work to face the management challenges of these materials, composting being recognized a simple, safe and environmentally sound solution. The time is ripe to place this little known, but long practiced solution front and center.

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