Greatest course ever !! wasn't sure how much you could teach me. Wow was I wrong, still referring to the amazing course hand outs. Plus the topic's covered everything! Health and safety, PPE, emergency responses. Too much to list. Can't wait for the refresher course.
-- John Jones, Tulare County Compost & Biomass, Inc., CA

As a consultant to composting operators throughout California on a variety of issues, the information I received at the USCC Compost Operator's Training was invaluable as it afforded me a broad-based understanding of compost facility operating principles and practices which I had been lacking. I was surprised to see the large number of experienced operators attending the program, was pleased with the significant contributions they made to the learning environment throughout the week, and impressed with their positive feedback about the substantial knowledge they were taking away. I am sure that this course would be beneficial to anybody involved with the composting industry.
-- Neil Edgar, Edgar & Associates, Inc, CA

The USCC compost class had a great balance of the science involved in commercial composting and also the practical hands on experience for fieldwork. Both the US Compost Council and USCC's Compost Operations Course has been a crucial resource in starting my commercial compost facility and has given me the skills to perform site design calculations required for facility permits, calculating feedstock recipes, and the ability to closely monitor my compost piles.
-- Tyler Miller, Dirt Hugger LLC, Oregon

Before taking this course, I thought I already knew the basics of composting and felt pretty confident in my ability to implement a composting program at work. I actually learned a lot of very valuable and essential information and still use the course manual and training sheets. The presenters and trainers were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of composting and the chance to meet and network with other individuals in the same position was a huge advantage- I now have at least five other people like me that I can contact with stories questions!
-- Mandi McKay, Assistant Sustainability Coordinator, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., CA

The USCC Compost Operations Training Class was an incredible opportunity for me to learn an extensive range of subjects pertinent to running a composting facility. In one short week, I gained the knowledge to confidently begin my quest to open my own commercial-scale composting facility.
-- Eric Walter, Crozet, VA

The course offered valuable hands-on experience. There was a diversity of topics that provided participants with the basic skills needed for large-scale composting. Touring several composting facilities allowed individuals to visualize concepts, processes, tools and machinery often implemented during composting. The Delaware County Composting facility was absolutely amazing! A true marvel of large-scale composting.
-- Eric Carr, Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University, New York

The class was a great opportunity to learn how to make quality compost while interacting with a variety of industry professionals. I found the practical solutions for managing a facility to minimize odors and environmental degradation especially useful! Thanks again for putting on a great course,
-- Sean Kearney, International Agricultural Development Graduate Group, UC Davis, CA

As a new composter, all the information was excellent in my experience. From building a compost pile to learning how the whole break down process occurs, the rules and regulations of composting , the marketing aspect was also great, learning how good compost works to use as erosion control, growing healthy plants, overall I recommend the class to anyone that wants to learn more about composting.
-- Enrique Estrada, Burrtec, CA

I thought the course was great--especially based on the price of tuition. Can't beat it--great job.
-- Kim Burns, EJ Gallo

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