International Compostables Field Testing Program

CREF has partnered with BsiBio to create a ready-to-go field test for certified compostable food packaging. This standardized field test will provide baseline data on composting conditions that impact disintegration of products and packaging, allowing CREF to develop tools for composters wanting to understand best practices for processing these feedstocks.

These are the GUIDING QUESTIONS that have steered the development of this program

  • How do common compostable products and materials disintegrate across widely varying composting operations?
  • Can we lower the barriers to field testing for any and all facilities who want and are able to?
  • How can field testing compliment the value of existing certifications?

How well do certified compostable products break down in your facility?

Find out now! Participating facilities will be the first to have access to this data. Fill in the form below, and we’ll reach out soon.

Not a composter? Not a problem. Please get in touch, this is an international, open source project. We can help coordinate with your local composting facility, university or nonprofit.

Want an indepth look?  Check out this Webinar from December of 2019

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